Trust is the basis of every business and in order to gain the trust of your customers, it’s of vital importance that you deliver quality products and services to your clients. Bankai Group offers quality services and state of the art solutions through myriad of certifications from ISO (International Organization for Standardization); we are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified.
They help us maintain a quality management system and improve our company and product quality, which in return increases customers’ satisfaction with our products. The system develops a professional culture and boasts morale of our company’s employees through detailed description, better understanding and communication of company processes. It improves consistency, enhances efficiency, reduce waste and help us save ours and our customer’s valuable resources – time and money. These certifications have helped us achieve International quality recognition and meet every expectation of our clients.

ISO 9001

ISO 27001

Product Certificate