Can dispute management lead to your organization’s growth?

Can dispute management lead to your organization’s growth?
August 10, 2015 / Blog / posted by Sumit Bose

Wholesale voice business and the disputes associated with it go hand in hand. Higher the volume of business, higher are the disputes. These disputes if not handled properly can eat up the bottom-line of a carrier very soon. Let me illustrate with a real-life example:

“Carrier A used to send huge volume of traffic to other carriers (mostly operators) for certain key destinations. The billing at both ends used to differ all the time due to inferior switching & billing platforms at Carrier A’s end.

For example, Carrier A sent 10,000 minutes of traffic to a premium high cost destination but the supplier’s invoice said that the billed minutes were 11,500, thus creating a dispute. To add to the problem, Carrier A was using a billing solution which couldn’t handle disputes. As a result, the already stretched staff had to work through manual methods to resolve disputes & many a times had to rely on supplier stats as they had no mechanism in place which could authenticate supplier’s claims.

To make matters worse, Carrier A used to charge their customers on 10,000 minutes and had to pay to their suppliers on 11,500 minutes, thus paying the difference from their own pockets. This way Carrier A ended up paying more each time a dispute was generated. Gradually, this lack of dispute handling mechanism started eating up Carrier A’s bottom-line and a day came when they had to file for bankruptcy due to lack of funds for operating their business.

Thus, a promising & growing carrier’s business came to an abrupt halt due to the lack of a small but very important billing mechanism known as Dispute Management.”

I’m sure that almost all of us from this industry have seen such cases or probably experienced themselves too.

Did Carrier A had a chance to survive? The answer is yes, absolutely! Only if they had opted for a robust billing solution, giving them far more flexibility & features, they would’ve flourished instead of going down in the history books. Therefore, my advice to the young & aspiring carriers is to opt for a billing solution which can cater to each & every aspect of wholesale business, rather than just plain billing & invoicing.

Panamax’s BillCall solution provides such state-of-the-art systems which can not only assure you ZERO revenue leakage but also take care of your disputes automatically, in case any arise. It consists of an array of features like:

  • Effective analysis of invoice disputes
  • Able to reconcile vendor invoices
  • Able to generate disputes/inconsistencies based on deals and agreements
  • Able to track disputes
  • Able to do CDR reconciliation
  • Able to keep track of end-to-end dispute history

In my professional routine I regularly come across clients asking for a robust billing solution which can cater to their ever-growing wholesale voice business needs. BillCall, the Telecom Resource Management solution from Panamax has helped such customers to cater to their needs since past many years. This innovative platform is designed and developed with the concept of providing complete BSS solution to the carriers, dealing in VoIP retail and wholesale industry. It is a perfect multi-tasking resource management solution for Wholesale carriers. It enables dynamic reports which help business processes like Sales, Support, Disputes, Rates, Routing and Accounts & Finance to run smoothly.

For more details on BillCall and how it can optimize your wholesale carrier business, you can write your queries to

Sumit Bose

Sumit Bose, a subject matter expert of VoIP Telephony, had 8+ years of experience in fields ranging from network operations to sales.  The author loved to discuss new technology trends prevailing in the market.
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