Bankai Group Announces Appointment of New Chief Technology Officer

September 21, 2017 / Press Release & News / posted by admin

Bankai strengthens its technology backbone – announces the appointment of Mr. Jay Jayasimha, as Chief Technology Officer

Bankai Inc., a leading carrier services and telecom technology solutions provider, announced the appointment of its new chief technology officer Mr. Jay Jayasimha.

As Bankai evolves and prepares to take the telecom technology vertical to the next level, Jay brings a holistic strategy that will drive technology development and improve operational efficiency at Bankai.

Jay has 30+ years of extensive experience in both U.S. and International markets. He is an expert in areas of IP-based real time communications, SDN, NFV, cloud orchestration, IoT, FinTech, next generation networking services, switching and mobile technologies. He holds multiple patents to his credit and is a highly regarded speaker within the telecom and tech industries.

Jay has also been noted to deliver first-class presentations in Carrier World/Capacity events, NGN security Europe summits, Asian Carrier Conferences and many other industry events.

On his appointment as the Chief Technology Officer at Bankai, Jay said, “I am really delighted to work with the ambitious team at Bankai. Together we are going to achieve targets and build new revenue streams. We shall continue to innovate, identify new markets and build robust products to dominate the ICT sector globally.”

Mr. Jay Jayasimha will play a comprehensive leadership role in the technology vertical and mentor current executive leadership team at Bankai. He has a long-term vision and strategy and will nurture teams to achieve the targeted short-medium and long-term goals thus driving revenue and EBITDA.

Talking about the new addition to Bankai group’s illustrious key management team, the Group’s President and CEO, Mr. Bankim Brahmbhatt said, “The time to establish an indelible footprint in the emerged market has arrived. We will do so by adopting the absolute best innovation standards from noteworthy industry veterans like Jay and by driving innovation, revenue and speed to market through their thought leadership.”

Before joining Bankai, Jay held the position of CEO at Cataleya Pvt Ltd / CIO of Epsilon Global Communications Singapore, Milpitas CA. He also held a key leadership position in Veraz network (now Dialog Corp) and Qualcomm Inc., among other companies.

As the group’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jay will work closely with the executive leadership team. The new level of expertise gained from this appointment will prove invaluable in this era of connectivity and convergence and will have a positive impact on the company’s business and product strategy. His strong background and profound technical knowledge will help Bankai’s technology vertical reach new milestones.

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