10 Ways to Choosing the Best VoIP Service Provider

10 Ways to Choosing the Best VoIP Service Provider
September 26, 2018 / Blog / posted by Dimple Jhaveri

Communication plays a vital role in assisting the businesses to become more productive. Major business expansions rely on communication using phone or internet. VoIP services are helping achieve effective communication with lower rate for long distance calls with excellent voice speed & clarity. VoIP service providers can provide services like broadband connections via landline, internet telephony for individual, hosted VOIP, self-hosting IP-PBX Premises based VOIP services and customised high-end package considering flexibility & security. With markets being clogged with several VoIP offerings it tends to get difficult to choose the one that suits your requirements. A wrong choice here can turn to a costly affair in terms of time, efforts & ultimately financial loss. Here we will discuss about the parameters one should consider before finalizing a VoIP service provider.

Cost, Quality Services & Value-addition:

Cost is the foremost factor to consider for any business decision and when choosing a VoIP service provider one must ascertain the budget as well as features one really needs. There are several add-on benefits that help users to enhance their existing systems at negligible price. These include – expert greetings, music on hold, call forward, TrueACD queuing, softphone, time-based routing, toll-free numbers, unlimited extensions, call analytics, call queues, call recording and call routing. It is therefore important to rate value-added features, quality & cost correspondingly.

Hidden Costs:

The rates per minute that you see may not be the only thing you are paying for. There could be several factors like taxes, Connection fees, Your data cost, hardware cost, software cost, in addition to the per minute rates that you must discuss with prospective VoIP service provider.

Active Monitoring:

An efficient & experienced VoIP service provider will always oversee the activities done on all the routes. Any issue or loss pertaining to quality must be rectified in real-time & call termination route changed immediately.

Verified Credentials:

While selecting VoIP service provider you must check their credentials for any fraud or fallacious activities. Basic investigation including digital & virtual presence, interviews with some of media or industry specific event, offices and after-sales support system (live chats, FAQs) can protect you from swindler.
Bankai Group supports your business with additional security, maximizes profitability and flexible & cost-effective solutions.

International Presence:

International presence of your VoIP service provider can impact your budget sheets massively. A global presence can help you provide local DIDs to your customers keeping the cost down and also maintain strong relationship with local carriers facilitating end-to end call termination.

Customer Support Service:

While agreeing on terms one needs to be sure of the propositions offered as after-sales services or as customer support. Is it via email, help desk, online chat or all of those? Also check is the support is available 24/7 to cater to multiple time-zones.


Disruption in VoIP services can highly impact your business and even lead to loss of a business opportunity. It’s a universal rule that no service provider has 100% security against downtime. However, you can check with your VoIP Service provider for an approximate time for maintenance & upgrading systems or if there is any refund process or extended services for such crisis situations.

To avoid such situations one can select a VoIP partner that offers Managed Services with 24×7 Hosting & infrastructure operations.


Is your service provider eavesdropping on your calls? It is evident that service provider have the means to listen to your communication, but every country has strict data protection laws. Privacy & security aren’t applicable to solely the software & equipment but it’s about end-to-end communication. Along with securing your systems, you need to also make sure that your calls are encrypted. Basic security measures that you should take include applying security patches, using anti-malware applications & monitoring the network pattern.

Service Packages:

You must verify and compare the varied packages that your VoIP service provider offers. There could be several combinations of features available in each package and you must decipher which of these are useful for your business.

Suitable SLAs (Service Level Agreement):

Ensure that you have proper prospect of services incorporated in SLA that will protect your business and ensures that your investment is not wasted. This must include uptime, QoS, bandwidth guarantees, tenure of contract, usage statics and performance.

Bankai Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that includes Wholesale VoIP Termination Services and Wholesale Voice Services that drive increased satisfaction for your customers. We leverage our network and extensive experience in the telecommunications industry to deliver ace services to our customers.

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