Bankai Group offers market-proven Fintech, Switching, Transaction and Service management solutions, serving millions of users over networks across the globe through its technology division, Panamax. Our vast resources in R&D, marketing and support serve hundreds of customers in the telecommunication and Fintech spheres.

Our technologies and solutions have played a pivotal role in enabling service providers, resellers and content providers around the world to evolve communication and mobile financial services. Panamax is a sound integration of conceptualization, optimization, performance and configuration. These four aspects are the cornerstones of our product suites.

Fintech Solutions

Our fintech solutions have been deployed across the biggest organizations across the geographies with a focus on financial inclusion. Fintech Solutions by Bankai Group have helped corporates, FIs, operators, aggregators and merchants to provide innovative and customer-oriented solutions and services. We take pride in our secured, state-of-the-art and scalable solutions that are developed on one of the most evolved industry platform providing uncompromised security. The fintech solutions are offered in two primary categories:

Telecom Solutions

Our telecom solutions cater to all the business needs of telecom operators, service providers, aggregators and more. Our Switching, Unified Billing, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring and other advanced solutions for the telecom industry enable monetization of all customer needs. The company follows an agile and flexible industry certified delivery model to deploy services at optimal costs.

Professional Services

Bankai Group’s operations & management services efficiently meet the evolving requirements of our customers. We take a pragmatic approach to help businesses build an agile and efficient IT infrastructure that is reliable, safe and quickly accessible. Panamax assists clients with the task of identifying their core business needs and offering cost-effective consulting services to help them achieve their goals. Our services include:

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