Bankai Group’s operations & management services efficiently meet the evolving requirements of our customers. We take a pragmatic approach to help businesses build an agile and efficient IT infrastructure that is reliable, safe and quickly accessible. Panamax assists clients with the task of identifying their core business needs and offering cost-effective consulting services to help them achieve their goals. Our services include:

Managed Services

Our comprehensive Managed Services designed for cost and quality-conscious buyers, follow the outcome-based engagement model. We help businesses build a responsive, scalable and secure ecosystem and take care of the day-to-day operational responsibilities of our customers’ IT infrastructure, allowing them to concentrate on their core objectives. We especially tailor our services to meet the varied requirements of different businesses to ensure optimal results.

System Integration

Our System Integration services help overcome the complex challenges faced when consolidating existing applications with various third-party solutions. We specialize in integrating multiple products to create a flexible centralized system of disparate software and tools to increase process visibility and optimize the workflow of businesses. Our services also include integrating legacy systems with new software solutions to ensure optimal and efficient usage of available resources. Besides offering unparalleled business agility, we help improve the efficiencies of the IT infrastructure.

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