Our telecom solutions cater to all the business needs of telecom operators, service providers, aggregators and more. Our Switching, Unified Billing, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Traffic Monitoring and other advanced solutions for the telecom industry enable monetization of all customer needs. The company follows an agile and flexible industry certified delivery model to deploy services at optimal costs.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is a state-of-the-art platform encompassing professional services for Billing, Rate & Policy Management, Deal & Dispute Management, Order Management and more. It is designed to help telecom operators automate their business processes, offer accurate billing, rating and routing management, detect and prevent frauds and avoid revenue leakages, while reducing development & deployment costs. The solution boasts network and service agility to help businesses accelerate the time to market new products and services.

Network Switching Solutions

The Network Switching Subsystem (NSS) solutions serve the switching, routing, transcoding and other business needs of global telecom operators, service providers, carriers, MNOS, MVNOs and more. They help companies unlock new opportunities to expand their businesses and effectively monetize telecom. Our suite of NSS products includes iMax, a Class-4 Softswitch and Bridge2Call, an Enterprise Retail Switch (Class-5). They enable telecom players to achieve financial and operational excellence through Unified Communications, VoBB, IP Telephony, Switching, Transcoding & Conference solutions.

Monitoring Solutions

Our Traffic Monitoring Solution empowers the Regulators across the world to gain actionable insights into international and national traffic of all the Operators, hence helping eradicate telecom fraud and revenue leakage. The solution addresses SIM-boxing, under-declaration of traffic and price cutting by the operators, as well as revenue due to unfavorable collection cycles and payment terms. This non-intrusive and automated solution collects data from all Operators, generating revenue monitoring and tax reports readily available both on-demand and scheduled.

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