6 Key Aspects to Select an Ideal SMS Service Provider

6 Key Aspects to Select an Ideal SMS Service Provider
May 27, 2021 / Blog / posted by Naishil Jha

SMS marketing is now commonly used by marketing, communication, and business professionals. This digital communication platform has developed an innovative way to introduce interpersonal campaigns with its customers. Whether it’s a widespread SMS initiative or the sharing of valuable and realistic knowledge in real-time, SMS is the strongest ally for deploying streamlined and profitable communication initiatives.

With an average SMS open rate of 90%, it is one of the most approached marketing channels. There are many SMS hub apps available that make business SMS termination easy. Direct SMS termination, SMS coverage across a wide segment of API (Application Programming Interface) and a direct link to most global carriers can all be found on SMS hub networks.

Just like every other service several factors influence the performance of an SMS marketing campaign. This includes delivery rate, delivery speed, uptime, bulk SMS functionality, stable platform, customizable SMS, CRM plugins, API constraints, and so on. Here is a list of key aspects to consider when selecting an SMS service provider.

Wide Range of Network Coverage

Businesses that use SMS services would need a large network coverage to ensure that the messages reach their target audience irrespective of their location.  It’s crucial to take this into account for a successful SMS marketing campaign. Organizations should look for an SMS service provider with widespread network coverage focusing on the markets of their choice.

CRM Integration

Businesses should select a service provider that allows integrating the platform with a variety of CRMs. This would eliminate a lot of device and technology issues. Businesses should choose an enterprise SMS service platform to enable automation that are triggered by keywords. For instance, anyone who texts the word ‘opt-in’ could get a different automated response than someone who messages ‘return.’ Consumers can also be linked to individual lists and added to CRM automatically.

Moreover, selecting a bulk SMS service provider is easier than switching to a different CRM system exclusively for that reason.

Measure Deliverability Rates

Most recipients open the SMS within a few seconds of the delivering. Delivery time varies based on the number of forwarded messages. Parts of messages can bounce along the way, draining your funds instead of allowing them to be used rationally.

International SMS service providers communicate directly with well-known local and global aggregators while regularly scrutinizing and updating the recipient database. Their dashboards display actionable insights, allowing you to track deliverability metrics such as the message statistics, the open rate, bounce rate, and the total responses.

User-friendly Interface

User-friendliness is one of the most important criteria when selecting a messaging system. With a user-friendly interface, there won’t be any requirement of a trained IT professional to use an accessible and affordable bulk SMS system.

A multi-user web interface that is reliable and customizable is a must. Businesses should be able to access contact groups, set up an API link, display comprehensive data, and create multi-channel messaging templates. The more user-friendly your interface is, the more customers will respond to it.

Language is No Barrier

Choosing a regional language to effectively communicate with customers is becoming increasingly necessary. During surveys and other feedback-based SMS communication, customers who respond to messages play an important role to customize sales and marketing strategies accordingly. An organization can interact efficiently without hampering the message’s core content.

Smart messaging platforms can convert messages into multiple languages, making them a must-have for any business that is looking for local marketing. The translated message is easily understood by a non-English speaking audience. Including a multilingual option in SMS marketing campaigns would not only improve consumer loyalty, but also help to expand the customer base.

Comprehensive SMS Services

SMS service provider capable of handling various forms of SMS is a huge benefit. With comprehensive SMS services, it is convenient for organizations to strategize their marketing campaigns more efficiently, be it promotional, or transactional messaging.

Additionally, managing both bulk SMS and transactional SMS service from a common platform makes it much easier for the enterprises to monitor SMS campaigns and enables faster execution.

Select an Ideal SMS Service Provider

The quest to find an ideal SMS services seems often difficult to distinguish from a limited number of elements in a dynamic marketing world. Every organization has different set of requirements and thus it becomes important to choose an SMS service provider that provides the best possible solutions and caters to the specific requirements of business.

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