The Next Big Thing in VoIP: Artificial Intelligence Integration

The Next Big Thing in VoIP: Artificial Intelligence Integration
June 14, 2021 / Blog / posted by Harshita Kapoor

Since its inception, VoIP technology has come a long way with the help of various innovative advancements. It has changed business communication tremendously especially through its exceptional cost-benefits. The VoIP technology is currently employed by all sizes of businesses, but it still carries a huge potential to further grow and evolve by integrating with various upcoming technologies.

At present, one of the most talked-about and experimented technologies in almost every field is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence automates routine tasks to eliminate or reduce the need for human intervention and interaction. This is accomplished through coding intelligent software, which can collect analytical data and perform complex and dynamic analytics, that allows the systems to make sound and foreseeable activity-related decisions in real-time.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Advance Voice Services?

By integrating VoIP with Artificial Intelligence, the industry can further evolve and provide advanced features in business communications. According to Servion, by 2025 AI will control 95% of all customer interactions, including live telephone and online conversations.

Industries are exploring the potential and application of Artificial Intelligence to continually evolve, advance and dominate their markets. In the same way, it can lead to major advancements in VoIP, thus changing the face of business communication forever.

Advancements in Video and Conference Calling

VoIP services have enabled us to hold conference calls and video calls over the internet with a person sitting on the other side of the world. Businesses can cut major expenditures on international travel and conduct meetings with international clients, suppliers, or any stakeholder via wholesale VoIP services. Looking at the possible future opportunities, Artificial Intelligence can allow us to translate languages during such calls on a real-time basis. This will be a game-changer for businesses trying to connect with foreign clients, and ease their conversations with suppliers, employees, and managers in other countries.

Enhanced Chatbots Systems

We have all encountered an interaction with chatbots while availing certain customer services by now. Artificial intelligence has the potential to further reduce the need for a human with chatbots conducting far more complex tasks like booking appointments or setting up meetings, inviting other attendees and more.

Automation in Call Centre Systems

VoIP has transmuted major operations in call centers by lowering call costs and providing more flexibility to cope with an increase in traffic. Artificial Intelligence can improve this system by automating the routing of calls and ensuring that they reach the appropriate agent quickly. Further advancements can include the ability to detect a caller’s mood and make sure that if they have a complaint, they are attended by the agent who can present all of the appropriate information about their account, thus empowering the agent to resolve the issue more quickly.

This will require the use of Automated Voice Response (AVR) based upon AI. It is very useful for businesses with a high number of phone calls and saves time for staff that does not intend to spend time determining what a call is about.

Further on, once AI determines an existing customer, it can guarantee that all their relevant information, recent transactions, and so forth, are made available to the agent immediately after the call is routed to them.

Work Pattern Recognition

Every year, employees and managers spend numerous hours creating itineraries and calendars to plan working days though they are similar and have certain patterns. With Artificial Intelligence, all working and calling patterns will be learned to create a calendar without the need for any human intervention. For instance, before an important meeting, AI can provide all the information one may need after reading data reports and workflows.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) backed by Artificial Intelligence

IVR systems have been very popular in the call center industry for some time now. Call centers and even other businesses/companies use them to greet their callers and guide them towards the right department or agent. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and the availability of huge amounts of past data to analyze, businesses can deliver –

  1. Faster and more precise customer experience, along with quicker issue resolution
  2. Enhanced operational efficiency
  3. Lowered capital and operational costs in labor, telephony, and more
  4. Increase in business automation of arduous and redundant tasks
  5. Innovative product and service offerings

Improved Business Collaboration with VoIP and Artificial Intelligence

Despite the early stages of AI, it has become quite common in various business functions to reduce or eliminate human intervention. Earlier, the solution to any technological problem was to either buy a new hardware or upgrade it to a new software. As the speed of processing in VoIP is one of the biggest concerns, AI is the perfect solution as it can handle data quicker than any other technology.

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