The changing face of Enterprise Communication

February 10, 2015 / Blog / posted by Vikas Desai

Communication industry today has changed drastically with the evolution of Internet Protocol (IP) and its biggest impact can be seen in the altered way of communication adopted by Enterprises. Before advent of IP, enterprise communication was limited to voice intercommunication (intercom) using copper wires laid within office premises, and communication to outside world was depended on TDM trunks i.e. PSTN, CO, E1, ISDN-PRI and SS7.   Major limitations of legacy TDM communication systems were;1. Communication was limited to voice

1. Communication was limited to voice
2. Users were tied up to desk terminals where communication systems were physically available

Today, with the evolution of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) outlook of enterprise communication has changed. Now enterprise communication is about converged communication – integrating voice, video and data on common media. Communication is now beyond voice; video communication for instance has taken larger space. In addition, mobility has also become an essential aspect in day-to-day communication for enterprises. As a result, people on the move could simply turn on an application on their device and convert it into an extension of their office communication system.

As businesses are expanding geographically, need for multi-location connectivity has also increased. Thanks to IP Trunk, networking of multiple offices sharing common applications is very easy and cost effective. IP Trunk not only facilitates intercom between offices and sharing applications; but also provides for routing incoming calls when offices are located in different time zones. IP trunk reduces communication cost for long distance (international) calls, replacing expensive ISDN BRI-PRI service. IP trunk directly connects to call communication server eliminating capex and maintenance cost of media gateway. With IP trunk one need not buy block of multiple channels instead invest on bandwidth that can be expended with nominal incremental cost as and when required.

VoIP enterprise communication platform now comprises of Extensions (TDM + IP), Trunks (TDM + IP), Mobility (BYOD), Video Calling, Presence & IM, Voicemail & FAX mail systems with email integration. As the saying goes; any change has challenges to face, a major challenge in deployment of enterprise communication network on Voice over Internet Protocol is integrating and maintaining legacy TDM capabilities without compromising basic telephony services. Security is another key aspect IT managers are worried about while adopting it.

Implementing state-of-the-art enterprise communication platform with various applications needs qualified professionals with in depth knowledge on platform, security and also willingness to adopt new technology.

Bridge2Call facilitates enterprise communication through its “IP Office” with host of features. With continued investments into R&D, the platform not only serves today’s converged communication needs, but is also being readied for future enhancements. Bridge2Call supports host of essential features and functionalities like variety of IP user terminals, video calling, BYOD, Voicemail, Voicemail to email integration, multi-location connectivity. All of these are done without compromising on the security aspects. Bridge2Call is built around latest internet protocol security standards ensuring the security of platform, applications and the devices connected. Bridge2Call is also tested and implemented with most available 3rd party TDM gateway and application to offer advance telephony features.

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Vikas Desai

Vikas Desai currently works as a regional director at Panamax, and shoulders sales responsibilities across the European continent.  He has a professional experience of more than 20 years in the telecom/video domain, with specialization in Unified Communications. Vikas has managed Frontline/Direct Sales of IT & Telecom, Product Sales in (Telecom and BFSI), pre-sales & consulting with customers from Middle East, Africa, Europe, and India. You can reach out to Vikas at
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