Panamax’s “Session Border Controllers In The Cloud” White Paper Now Available Online

October 29, 2015 / Press Release & News / posted by admin

White Paper Examines How Cloud-Based Session Border Controllers Reduce Expenses, Bring Scalability and Accelerate Time to Market for New Services

Kew Gardens, NY – October 29, 2015 – Panamax Inc., a leading telecom technology company, recently published a white paper, “Session Border Controllers in the Cloud” which is available as a complimentary download. The white paper examines how Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), carriers and enterprises must virtualize Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and deploy them in the cloud to support a new generation of advanced IP communications services.

Panamax’s “Session Border Controllers in the Cloud” takes a comprehensive look at how progressive companies can reduce capital and operating expenses, accelerate time to market for new services, and gain a new ability to scale services by deploying cloud-based SBCs. Deployed at the network border, SBCs cover such capabilities as signaling and media security, Service Level Agreement (SLA) assurance, and regulatory compliance. These capabilities ensure that voice, video and data communications sessions are controlled, managed and protected at a carrier-grade level.

Cloud-based or virtualized SBCs support the same capabilities as native SBCs, but can be deployed on standard high-volume Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers. Cloud management platforms enable prepaid wholesale voice terminators, voice carriers / International Long Distance (ILD), enterprise service providers and mobile / wireless operators to deploy COTS servers from different vendors and orchestrate resources to address the requirements of different applications. This flexibility allows service providers to scale and evolve their SBCs in accordance with subscriber growth, increased usage or fluctuating requirements. The Panamax white paper explores the benefits, challenges and core functions of cloud-based Session Border Controllers.

Panamax is a telecom and mobile financial technology company that is enabling service providers to grow by leveraging effective service delivery practices in telecom and finance operations across global networks. The Company’s innovative solutions enhance the performance of heterogeneous network connections, improve the efficiency of carriers and expand the capacity of congested networks.

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