Bankai Group Strengthens its Position in Fintech with the Acquisition of Espay Exchange

July 23, 2020 / Press Release & News / posted by admin

New York, July 2020– Bankai Group is elated to announce that it has acquired Espay Exchange, a leading Blockchain and Asset Trading technology platform. The company has an expertise in serving High frequency Trading with Asset Tokenization with a special focus on security, scalability as well as performance, and distributed system.

Incorporating Bankai Group’s three decades of market experience in fintech and telecom industries with Espay’s expertise in Centralized and Decentralized Asset Trading Exchange solutions will tender an elevated strength to both the companies, whilst offering cutting edge services to their customers. The acquisition demonstrates Bankai Group’s capability, expertise, and confidence in further expanding their diverse portfolio.

With this acquisition in motion, Espay will continue to develop world-leading asset trading and arbitrage exchanges with its existing team as a part of Bankai Group’s continually evolving portfolio. Alongside, Bankai Group will draw on Espay’s robustness in Blockchain, Asset Exchange, Security Token Exchange, Risk Engines, Liquidity Engine and Derivatives Exchange solutions to strengthen their technology platform. Espay Exchange’s Smart Contract will also help Bankai Group in digital onboarding of their clients through the Mobifin Elite platform.

About Espay

Established in 2016, Espay is a leading blockchain and trading technologies development company based in Australia. The company has a team of over 100 highly experienced and skilled developers. Profound knowledge of industry & entrepreneurial concepts for start-ups are at the basis of Espay’s business. The USP of Espay lies in its blockchain based wallet, crypto payment processor, and security token offering that provides the most advanced asset exchange software development and blockchain implementation.

About Bankai Group

Bankai Group has decades of experience in the telecom and fintech industry, providing innovative technology solutions to its customers, so they become more agile, reduce fixed operation costs and introduce next generation services. The company’s fintech solutions have been deployed across the biggest organizations across the geographies with a focus on financial inclusion. Fintech Solutions by Bankai Group have helped corporates, FIs, operators, aggregators and merchants to provide innovative and customer-oriented solutions and services.

The team at Bankai Group is constantly working towards enabling the customers to expand their outreach and unlocking growth potential in their businesses. It aims to use its ability to identify new opportunities and comprehensive market experience in creating innovative solutions that helps both the group as well as its customers to explore its maximum potential.

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