Building On The Blocks Of Automation And Convergence – Redefining Carrier Business

Building On The Blocks Of Automation And Convergence – Redefining Carrier Business
June 30, 2016 / Blog / posted by Dipak Patel

I’ve something new and exciting to share this time. Most of you reading my blog are aware of the Carrier business and eagerly waiting for some breakthrough technology that can change the way we deal in carrier business. Today automation and convergence are the buzzwords, and this is the direction in which everyone is looking, as we wait for that breakthrough.

Last week I overheard some of my colleagues discussing Voice Carrier Trading Portal to simplify the complete carrier business. Out of curiosity, I dived in and found out that Bankai Group has successfully launched BridgeVoice- Carrier Trading Portal on a grand scale at ITW-2016 in Chicago.

Let me give you a glimpse to what this platform promises to bring to the table. Firstly, it’s not easy to manage, monitor and build the carrier business unless you have the right resources in place.  Carrier business being dynamic in nature makes it difficult to keep a track of Sales, Margin, Partners, finance and so on – What if a single solution can solve all these hassles for you and you govern the entire project with few clicks.

Panamax is a technology wing of Bankai Group, and has powered BridgeVoice – A Carrier Trading Portal with its routing solution (iMax) and billing solution (BillCall). BridgeVoice, is one platform that equips you with handy modules that not just help you maintain business functions but also automate the business processes. The solution is developed to such an extent that it can save up to 60% of your resource workload so that you can optimize efforts in the right direction and grow your business rather than doing thousands of tasks with almost no results at all.

This Trading Portal will bring the customer and vendor onto the same table. They can conduct business with complete transparency and flexibility, and there is an assurance that all transaction they do is completely secure. The concept is inherited from share market, wherein you have a list of products with their price, and you choose the one you want to buy/sell – as simple as that. Below are the key highlights of the portal:

TRM (Telecom Resource Management)

It will help you manage your clientele, be it Customers or Vendors. You can manage their basic details, financial details, technical details and documents at one centralized location for effective tracking and management of business.

Add to Cart

Doing business is now interesting and as easy as shopping. You select the product you like and pay to get them on production.

Sales Workflow Automation

With Sales Workflow Automation, complete business cycle starting from engagement with a customer to getting them on board is atomized with up to 99.99% accuracy, leaving almost no space for errors and shocks.  It can surely boost the overall productivity of your workforce and channelize efforts in right direction.

Business Reporting, Monitoring, and Alerts

Monitoring is a crucial part of carrier business, as it’s a dynamic and live business. Monitoring every Ups and Downs are important. The solution offers customized monitoring widgets that keep you updated all the time and alerts you on predefined triggers.

Affordable and Reliable Solution

There are numerous options available for carrier solution but when narrowed down to cost and reliability, there are just a few of them. This is precisely the gap that will be filled with this new and innovative solution. Trading on this portal will be cost effective; people will be able to save on initial costs towards the solution, overhead operational cost, maintenance cost and so on. It also comes with robust security standards, assuring you are safe from fraud and hackers.

Future Ready and Flexible

Everyone needs a future-ready solution that can handle and sustain for next 5-10 years at least. Worry not, this portal is future proof and is equipped to cater to your future requirements. Be assured the portal will evolve and grow with you to stay relevant at all times.

I wish that I could extend more information; instead, I would like to invite you to our portal and experience doing businesses there. For more details, you can also visit our website

I’ll keep my promise and deliver exciting information regularly; meanwhile, you can connect with me on


Dipak Patel

Dipak has been in telecommunication sector for more than 10 years now and currently serves as Presales and Training Expert at Panamax. He has fulfilled a number of roles in various functions during his time including Support, Operations, Training & Presales and made his way up the ladder during the course of time. Dipak is passionate about VoIP services and solutions, providing expert guidance to team members and customers/partners has always been his expertise. His addiction to the cutting edge technologies, together with the passion to deliver outstanding solutions is what drives him forward. Apart from work, Dipak is a geek at heart and loves exploring new technology and gadgets. You can reach out to Dipak at
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