How to Amplify Your Business through Comprehensive SMS Services?

How to Amplify Your Business through Comprehensive SMS Services?
September 14, 2021 / Blog / posted by Naishil Jha

SMS traffic is increasing at a lightning speed across the global network. With this growth, interconnectivity and interoperability issues are rising as well. By the year 2025, the global number of people sending and receiving text messages is expected to reach 5.9 billion. Today mobile operators are counting on the agreements for interworking and roaming. Though the revenue generated through an interworking connection might not be enough to raise profits out of the investment made to establish it.

SMS hubs sketched a new structure to support international SMS interoperability and solve the problem of increasing global SMS traffic. These SMS hubs can establish, expand and control the interoperability with multiple telecom connections across the world. In order to expedite this, the hubs have to ensure broad coverage of international text messages for operators, MVNOs, and SMS service providers.

Selecting the rightful SMS hub is a critical decision for businesses and requires multiple considerations. Broadband Telecom, a part of Bankai Group, is a frontrunner in SMS services, terminating more than 4.8 billion international messages around the world every year. As a leading player in the telecom industry, Broadband Telecom provides various SMS Solutions like SMS Hubbing, Two-way Messaging, and HLR Lookup Services.

Here’s how to optimize your business with messaging services to engage with customers globally:

A2P Messaging

A2P (Application to Person) Messaging is also known as Enterprise Messaging Solution. Mostly, this SMS service is deployed for travel updates, banking notifications, and other such value-added services. A2P Messaging services, based on extensively used SMPP protocol for sending messages beyond international boundaries with 0Hop, Direct, and Marketing Routes.

In addition to the highly customizable and cost-effective plug-and-play system, A2P Messaging solution allows real-time working, and generates accurate reports for performance tracking. The service also includes extensions like M2M, M2P, P2M, and so on.

SMS Firewall

As enterprise messaging reaches new heights, grey routes are rising as well. However, mobile operators are trying to block revenue leakages and get back the hold of the global networks. SMS Firewall has a critical role in identifying and eliminating these grey routes and streamlining the traffic to avoid network misuse.

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) based operator-grade B-SMSCProtect SMS Firewall provides a holistic security solution for operators. The SMS Firewall prevents spamming, flooding, smishing, virus distribution and ensures SMS monetization. In addition, the SMS Firewall enables service providers to have complete control on mobile originated and mobile terminated messages in operator infrastructure.

Retail SMS Marketing

As the popularity of eCommerce is rising, the players in the retail industry are compelled to stay ahead of the competition to survive. Smart marketing efforts are required for retail businesses and SMS marketing uses text messages to promote business. SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective and easy to execute ways of communication for retailers to communicate with the customers, staff, and other key stakeholders.

The Retail SMS Solution drives seamless customer engagement campaigns. It is an easy-to-use and highly customizable mobile messaging solution and can be accessed via a mobile app or automated web panel. The Retail SMS Marketing solution helps retail businesses of all sizes to get the desired communication and marketing goals. With a ready-to-use simplified architecture, it also enables businesses to create, monitor, and optimize SMS marketing campaigns from any place.

SMS Connectivity Solution

The comprehensive SMS Connectivity solution provides easy to access and customizable international messaging solutions for customers, resellers, and businesses. With an aim to enhance processes and routes along with the channels of communication for better results, the solution supports transactional, promotional, OTT, and SMS traffic.

SMS Connectivity Solution provides a range of SMS services like Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) to reduce expenses of MNOs, domestic and retail SMS service, on-demand telecom chatbots, 2-way messaging, and so on. The wide range of services helps to analyze campaigns and get the best possible results for businesses.

Sail High with Broadband Telecom SMS Services

A business without SMS services is losing out on many potential consumers and competitive advantages. Customer experience, workforce productivity, brand attachment and business growth can all be achieved with SMS services. SMS marketing has become a powerful tool of marketing for organizations of all kinds, that’s why selecting an appropriate SMS service provider is extremely important. Global coverage, security and seamless interconnections are what make for an efficient SMS global broadcast. The humble SMS has turned around business outcomes for several enterprises and this cycle of evolution is bound to act as catalyst for profit-making.

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