Why is SMS The Go-To Marketing Strategy Even Today?

Why is SMS The Go-To Marketing Strategy Even Today?
September 5, 2017 / Blog / posted by Preety Paranjape

Do you remember punching in messages on a feature phone with bulky keypads? There was a time when Short Message Service (SMS) was extensively used to communicate with friends, family, and peers. However soon, the feature phones were replaced by smartphones; short messaging service (SMS) was replaced by mobile and web applications like Whatsapp, Viber and Skype. These new age apps made peer to peer communication easy and FREE. Today we seldom use SMS to get in touch with a friend, peer or family. And so we say…SMS is dead! …or Is it?
My mobile phone is flooded with messages (SMS). Not from friends and family, No! These messages are from various shops, retailers, eateries, and brands. Flat 50% discount, Buy1 get 1 Free, Clearance sale special offers, Weekend deals… and more!

Why are these businesses trying to reach me via the long dead – SMS

Here’s why?

No other marketing medium comes close the SMS marketing in its reach to targeted audience. This can be well established based on the stats gathered from a survey done in the UK market.

If we compare SMS marketing with marketing over mobile through several popular mediums, then reach is not the only factor to count on. SMS marketing also generates higher response rates.

Now, there may be a point of argument, that sending SMS for marketing purposes is hugely impeded due to DND (Do not disturb) regulations. Is it so? Let us mull over it a little.

Are DND and TRAI Regulations a Deterrent?

The DND and TRAI regulations do not let a retailer/business send SMS randomly. Messages can be sent only to those who are interested in receiving such promotional offers. However think of it this way, because of these regulations, only those who are truly interested, receive the messages. Also, an SMS has 160-word character limit, the text messages are short and to the point and only relevant information is conveyed to the recipient. This is the reason why, unlike emails, a whopping 98% of text messages sent are read by the recipients. This puts SMS in a different league in terms of open rate. As a result, rolling out new offers, discounts, and plans to a targeted segment and promoting them through an SMS campaign, has become the newly accepted strategy for retailers. Not just that, integration of SMS into a marketing campaign can influence the readers and also have a positive impact on the open rate of emails.

  • 90% text messages are opened and read in first 3 minutes of delivery
  • SMS reaches both – users who have smartphones and those who don’t.
  • The conversion rates in case of SMS marketing are high. More than 60% consumers, who subscribe to newsletters, make a purchase after receiving an SMS.
  • For consumers, the most effective SMS text messages include coupons and deals, personalized alerts and updates.

Using bulk SMS solutions to reach a targeted audience is not free, but it is very cheap, and more or less pays for itself. In point of fact, SMS marketing is cheaper than other promotional campaigns and has incredibly high response rates, and it also promises to give you returns on every penny that you spend. Moreover, it is very easy (just a two-step process) to enroll for an SMS campaign. Using SMS marketing you will be able to generate leads, make a sale, build brand awareness and earn customer loyalty. Targeted SMS marketing is a gold mine for retailers and the most effective way to connect and communicate with the customer.

Bankai Group a leading player in the ICT industry has launched an easy-to-use SMS Service for Retail Businesses. Now it is easy for retailers to use a smart phone or computer and run marketing campaigns, offer discounts, float offers and reach out to customers.

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Preety Paranjape

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