Revolutionizing Communication within Education Institution– A Unique Value Proposition

Revolutionizing Communication within Education Institution– A Unique Value Proposition
May 10, 2015 / Blog / posted by Dipak Patel

Internet has become by far the most acceptable mode of communication for mankind, helping them to be connected with the world outside. Internet is now the elementary need for any business along with having a state-of-the-art communication system. Businesses these days are migrating to IP based communication where they can use the existing LAN setup rather than invest and maintain separate telephone copper network and get features like, advanced mobility, presence, video, IM, integration with CRM or any other 3rd party applications.IP Communication also bridges the gap of remote offices and provides huge saving along with mobility to businesses.

Communication is the key to success be it for individual, Corporate, Government, Education Institute and so on. Based on recent concept that we are working for one of our clients (a renowned university), here is the case, how Bridge2Call “IPOffice” is helping to transform the communication inside out. Bridge2Call-IPOffice is a comprehensive IP telephony solution, having state-of-the-art enterprise communication features and applications that are market leading, offering complete liberty to customer to roll out services as needed.

Our client approached us with a simple IP PBX requirement, where they wanted to connect their Offices, Staff Cabins, Labs, Class Rooms, Security, Reception, Director/Dean office and other amenities in the campus. They needed standard IP PBX features like;

  • Department & Extension Management through Web console
  • Incoming and Outgoing call log management
  • Call Forward / Call Transfer / Call Recording
  • Call Conferencing

Requirement was quite simple, however as a standard practice Panamax professional got into depth of the client business and their requirements.Our team identified that the university has three different campuses, though the requirement was only for one of their campuses.

Our team saw huge opportunity and designed a complete solution, where we proposed to connect all three campuses along with connecting students, staff and all key functions. Below are few key highlights of the proposed solution:

  • Multiple campuses of University were reachable by pressing a few buttons
  • University connects both Students and Staff using mobile app during off campus hours
  • Special tuition classes over conference calls
  • University announcement straight to each and every students cell using broadcasting feature
  • Students and staff are now more closer to each other for consultation
  • Messaging application to ask question and publish any extraordinary assignments with others
  • Free internal calling and vice versa
    • Campus-A to Campus-B
    • Campus to Student
    • Campus to staff
    • Student to student
    • Student to Staff

Above proposed solution exceeded client’s expectation and helped the university gain an edge over others and offering a new era service – solution literally bridges the university with their students and staff regardless of time.

This is one of many such ways in which Bridge2Call platform is helping institutions scale up the VoIP and communication requirements. It is a very exciting space to be in – imagine the potential of merging two services IP-Office and Residential IP Telephony (VoBB) and coming up with myriad solutions!

Dipak Patel

Dipak has been in telecommunication sector for more than 10 years now and currently serves as Presales and Training Expert at Panamax. He has fulfilled a number of roles in various functions during his time including Support, Operations, Training & Presales and made his way up the ladder during the course of time. Dipak is passionate about VoIP services and solutions, providing expert guidance to team members and customers/partners has always been his expertise. His addiction to the cutting edge technologies, together with the passion to deliver outstanding solutions is what drives him forward. Apart from work, Dipak is a geek at heart and loves exploring new technology and gadgets. You can reach out to Dipak at
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