Simplifying Advanced Routing, Billing and Resource Management for Today’s Telecom Operators and Carriers

Simplifying Advanced Routing, Billing and Resource Management for Today’s Telecom Operators and Carriers
June 10, 2015 / Blog / posted by Ranjit Singh

Agility, automation and enhanced operational efficiency are key to succeeding in the competitive and dynamic telecommunications marketplace. With billing, rating, routing, finance,deal, dispute and regulatory compliance, today’s telecom operators and carriers must juggle many moving parts when it comes to their wholesale business. The challenge of managing interconnections with multiple customers, vendors and fellow carriers is further compounded by disparate tools and varying service requirements, which can lead to ineffective routing, inefficient dispute and deal management,inaccurate business intelligence, and ultimately,revenue& business loss. In order to achieve higher operational efficiency, forward-thinking telecom operators and carriers turn to innovative technologies with complete end-to-end automation solutions to help them manage their wholesale business more effectively.

Panamax is helping today’s telcos succeed by offering BillCall, an easy-to-use, end-to-end carrier management and interconnect business automation tool that provides accurate information regarding billing, pricing, routing and financial management – a 360-degree view of their entire carrier interconnect business in near real-time. BillCall is easily accessible via API, it means 3rd party integration is possible with accounting ERPs like Quickbook & SAP and also accessible by mobile application and is compatible with Class-4.The service is so customizable and having modular architecture, that operators can pick and choose the BillCall modules that best meet their business and budgetary needs.

Some of BillCall’s key features include:

  • Billing& Accounting: The once complex carrier billing process is made simple with BillCall. The platform allows users to effectively process billing information according to carrier type – such as prepaid or post-paid, time zone, peak/off-peak, billing cycle, call duration rounding type and invoice setup.The platform also enables seamless third-party accounting integration and reprocessing of bills. With BillCall, invoices can be generated with a single click.
  • Intelligent Routing: Advanced routing to destinations across the world is easy with BillCall. The platform suggest routing through advanced Routing Analysis tool that allows to take decision before defining the routing and the system automatically selects the optimal path of outbound communications traffic based on operators’ quality, margin or cost parameters. Users also benefit from defined routing tables and schedules, as well as support for auto push on the network switch.
  • Advanced Deal Management: Never lose another deal due to lagging response times with BillCall’s deal alerts and automated tracking. Users gain visibility into their deal performance, including traffic statistics, and can easily generate a comprehensive performance report. Also user will get real-time deal statistics that ensures profit margin and revenue before finalizing the deal. BillCall also offers deal proposals and summaries for both unilateral / bilateral hard and soft opportunities.
  • Flexible Rate Management including advanced Costing & Pricing Policy: BillCall’s Rate Management module makes contract administration and managing carrier tariffs, rates and discounts simple with access to vendor rate profiles, rate notification, violation notices, as well as an easy-to-use rate analysis tool and customer rate generator.The platform also features rate reporting and analysis capabilities,including rate change report generation. Furthermore, BillCall makes business beyond borders easy by supporting multiple currencies and time zones with zero hassle.
  • Mediation: The ability to collect, correlate and deliver accurate data is vital for successful billing and rating. With BillCall’s mediation engine, telecom operators can minimize complexity and ensure the successful collection and processing of usage data from various networked devices, shortening their time-to-market.
  • Dispute Management: BillCall’s Dispute Management module enables users to efficiently track and handle all of their disputes via one easy-to-use system. Reconciliation facilitates to settle any disputed issues by identifying the disputed CDRs in billing (missing calls, over charging, different rates and call duration etc.) according to contract terms and conditions.
  • Carrier CRM: The BillCall platform’s CRM module enables telecom operators to increase Return on Investment (ROI) by offering real-time analysis of sales pipelines and leads, quota management and other metrics. These functions give a business an opportunity to completely focus on the customer life-cycle (lead generation – acquisition – conversion – retention – loyalty) rather than sales process, thus increasing revenue.
  • Business Intelligence: Easy access to accurate business intelligence is now at telecom operators’ fingertips. BillCall provides visibility into traffic statistics and analysis, graphical reports, finance and business reports and switch monitoring via one intelligent dashboard.
  • Alerts & Notifications: BillCall ensures that users never miss an important event, and also designed for Bill Shock Prevention.The platform’s alerts are triggered by deviations in pre-determined criteria, including quality, credit limit, transactions, balance overview and systems.Operators can also customize alerts on-demand based on their unique business needs.

Highly scalable, available and secure,BillCall enables users to create carrier accounts, define the terms and conditions of agreements, manage tariffs, discounts, invoicing and payment schedules, and so much more.

With timely alerts, notifications and detailed reports, BillCall also helps today’s operators comply with dynamic industry regulations and safeguard business processes.Our revolutionary platform simplifies advanced routing, billing and resource management for telecom operators and carriers in today’s dynamic, complex telecoms market. Learn how your business can benefit from BillCall by contacting us today.

Ranjit Singh

Ranjit Singh had 8+ years of experience in IT & Telecommunication sector encompassing business analyst, quality analyst, pre-sales and project management. He had rich experience in Telecom- OSS/BSS solutions and worked on various projects & product development. His business understanding and presentation skills benefitted the development team to deliver and achieve customer satisfaction.
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