Why RCS Messaging is the Future of SMS Marketing?

Why RCS Messaging is the Future of SMS Marketing?
October 7, 2021 / Blog / posted by Naishil Jha

With an access to more powerful messaging features of Rich Communication Services (RCS), SMS is the new way forward for the Android users. The RCS Market is expected to reach a considerable CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period 2021-26. Text Messaging is still one of the most preferred means of communication across the globe. Therefore, A2P (Application to Person) enterprise messaging services have become important for business growth. SMS has also played a remarkable role in enterprise communication. Businesses rely on secured text messages, especially for transaction notifications, OTP, and two-factor authentication.

On the other hand, customers nowadays are becoming highly dependent on OTT messaging services such as chat apps and messengers. These systems improve consumer communication by including photos, videos, group chats, emojis, and other features. SMS technology has advanced further to provide rich two-way communication for organizations and brands to attract consumers more effectively.

What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a messaging protocol developed by GSMA that is forecasted to augment and soon replace SMS. It functions similar to a standard text messaging application. With RCS, there’s no requirement to install any other third-party apps or to create a user account, sign in, or invite friends to join.

RCS can enable better media management. It combines traditional and contemporary elements to provide users with a plethora of rich features to choose from, including the flexibility to view videos, share locations, conduct transactions and payments, redeem offers, Android texting, including high-resolution images, GIFs, and more. Users can explore these functions in a completely secured environment, strengthening brand loyalty.

While SMS merely allows for text communication, RCS takes a step further by allowing for the information exchange of links and multimedia content. SMS uses GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks for the transfer of data, and RCS uses internet access on devices and functions with both 4G and Wi-Fi. As per GSMA, RCS protocol is already available on 86% of the mobile devices since 2020, and an estimated 2.7 billion messages will be transmitted using RCS by 2022.

Key Attributes of RCS Messaging

It’s critical to keep your customers engaged during their journey in today’s hyper-competitive market. RCS messaging is an effective way for businesses seeking a better opportunity to engage with customers. Let’s look at the key features of RCS messaging:

Interactive Messages

Texts are dull, but RCS makes them more engaging. Videos, emojis, GIFs, and chatbot integration are all enabled through RCS messaging to make simple communication more expressive. Also, by integrating a chatbot, a short text message becomes more engaging, providing the impression of a live interaction.

RCS also allows to make video calls, so businesses don’t have to rely on third-party applications for virtual meetings. Brands across industries may leverage these advanced tools to provide delivery notifications, share flight details and boarding tickets, and issue fraud alerts in the future.

Secured Communications

RCS Business messages include branding elements, such as company name and official logo, which validate the message’s legitimacy and assures secure communication for customers. It helps to drive brand awareness and relevance by capturing customers’ attention.

RCS messaging uses end-to-end encryption to protect user privacy. It takes user privacy and security a step further by making opt-ins and opt-outs a mandatory requirement for businesses. Also, businesses have to obtain the consent of end-user before sharing any message.

Suggested Responses

RCS business messaging suggests a set of recommended responses and actions that improve the decision-making process of the customer. Intending to implement third-party payment solutions along with chatbot integration support, the channel ensures faster transactions. Instant suggested message templates allow customers to be more active. Customers are guided through the next steps with a set of suggested actions and messages.

Accurate Metrics

RCS messaging delivers information into patterns to plan future campaigns through client-specific DLRs, read receipts, and message open rates.

Elevate Your Business with Next-Gen SMS Solution

In recent years, communication methods have evolved substantially. Instant messaging software has become popular among users for exchanging video, images, audio, and simple text messages. Customers desire to have a similar level of convenience with their favorite brands and to receive solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Bankai Group is one of the leading (Application to Person) enterprise messaging solution providers around the world. Our A2P messaging solution provides a highly flexible, cost-effective, dependable, and quick plug-and-play system. It also has messaging capabilities that allow sending travel updates, banking transactional messages, and a variety of other value-added messages. Our messaging platform operates in real-time, and it is underpinned with reliable and accurate reports that enable you to track your performance and use the data to make future strategies.

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