Cloud VoIP in Healthcare: Optimizing Healthcare Interoperability

Cloud VoIP in Healthcare: Optimizing Healthcare Interoperability
November 18, 2021 / Blog / posted by Naishil Jha

Businesses all over the world are using cloud technology to improve productivity, cost savings, and cooperation. Cloud technologies have swiftly changed our world, their uptake in the healthcare industry is growing steadily. While the healthcare industry is becoming more open to innovative cloud VoIP technology, the industry leaders and the multitude of technology partners are trying to build a cloud infrastructure that can evolve to meet the changing needs of the healthcare ecosystem.

Cloud-based VoIP communications platforms provide seamless services that enable healthcare professionals to cater to the patients’ requirements in a synchronized and structured manner. It offers services and features that can be tailored precisely to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Cloud-based medical office phone systems may not need a real telephone, but only an operational internet connection.

VoIP liberates the healthcare industry from the constraints of traditional phone service through affordable communication solution connecting for instance a single physician working in a surgical center to a larger healthcare facility in the nearby city. The healthcare industry is a hive of activity and cloud VoIP communication services offer a plethora of functions that satisfy the need for something as essential as patient care.

Here is the list of key advantages of using cloud VoIP in the healthcare industry:

Ease of Communication:

Mobile communications have helped modern healthcare more than anything else. Healthcare professionals are continuously on the go, and nurses, physicians, and others in the business rely on a robust mobile infrastructure. VoIP connects phone systems from many locations, allowing the access of any extension from anywhere. It enables you to make internet-based phone calls from cell phones or computers.

Call Analytics:

With the availability of reliable and quantifiable call data at their fingertips, healthcare organizations and hospitals are better positioned to deliver strategic care. VoIP offers in-depth analytics and call analysis features providing the necessary knowledge required to make key decisions concerning healthcare offers, operations, and finance.

Conference Calling:

Audio and video conferencing allows healthcare professionals to exchange information about patient care and industry improvements with each other. VoIP acts as a transfer station for experienced healthcare professionals to arrange informative and essential panel discussions that can save a patient’s life. Amid the pandemic crisis VoIP played a pivotal role to facilitate online doctor consultation and medical check-up through video call for patients in remote locations.

Effective Call Management:

Hospitals receive many calls every day both for emergency services and general inquiries. It frequently causes call delays particularly during critical care scenarios where a patient requesting an ambulance might be put on hold because the phone is busy with a regular enquiry about the costs of routine medical screening.

VoIP helps in the prioritization of calls by determining the urgency of the calls depending on automated questions. Similarly, using IVR helps automation of emergency care. As a result, emergency calls take precedence over ordinary inquiries, making the call-receiving procedure far more effective.

Smooth Installation:

Downtime is something that hospitals cannot afford. Sometimes new technologies necessitate a thorough revamp of the existing infrastructure, resulting in significant downtime. Transition to cloud VoIP is hassle-free as it integrates using the existing system, eliminating the possibility of downtime. Since it is cloud-based, much of the necessary infrastructure is already available, therefore no disruptive tech upgrades are required. It allows healthcare organizations to enhance their performance without disrupting existing services, even for a short period.

Enhanced Medical Consultation:

The internet has downsized the world into a more manageable sphere. It has also contributed to a far improved healthcare ecosystem, as the services or experience of medical specialists and doctors who are physically not present can be used to treat patients in emergencies. VoIP provides instant and seamless mobile communication to healthcare professionals and patients across the globe, thanks to the cloud.

Expand Your Healthcare Footprints with the Ideal VoIP Service Provider:

When selecting a VOIP system for a healthcare organization, ensure that the services are reliable to facilitate effective communication and improve patient care. Healthcare institutions should focus on total costs, quality of service and technical support before selecting the perfect VoIP service provider. Also, make sure to find an experienced VoIP service provider that understands the requirements of the healthcare industry and deliver the best outcomes.

With decades of experience and global footprints, Bankai Group is a forerunner in VoIP services. We recognize that companies want dependable and flexible technical support to manage their systems and continue to provide an all-encompassing customer experience. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals responds quickly to our clients’ technical concerns. We also provide real-time monitoring, alert systems, and quality control to resolve client issues.

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